Gaurav Gupta

Vice President, IBGAA

Gaurav is an engineering lead at Cabon Health, a startup making healthcare accessible to everyone. Gaurav is a hands-on engineering leader with more than 11 years of experience building and scaling technology products and teams. Before joining Carbon Health, Gaurav led security and technology at Eligible as their CTO and CSO from 2013-2021. Eligible is a YCW12 startup making healthcare insurance infrastructure available to everyone; Gaurav joined Eligible as their first engineer, built the platform, led security/compliance/privacy initiatives, and led the technology and security for eight years. Gaurav has worked at more prominent companies like IBM and Amazon before joining the startup world. Gaurav received a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering degree in 2010 from IIT (BHU). Gaurav's time at IIT (BHU) and Banaras had a significant impact on his life and career, and Gaurav has been giving back to the institute and students in every capacity. Gaurav was part of the founding team of Codefest, an online coding festival to promote coding. Gaurav joined the IBGAA board of directors in 2019 and is currently vice president of IBGAA.