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Infrastructure Committee

The Infrastructure Committee will coordinate donations to IIT (BHU) Foundation that are directed toward infrastructure projects at IIT (BHU). Some of the special duties include, identifying which infrastructure projects are current priorities and understanding timelines for each project and meeting with donors and potential donors to provide details and updates on projects. The Chair will gain a full understanding of project costs and ongoing maintenance needs for each infrastructure project and ensure that these are considered when setting levels for naming.

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee oversees the management of the IIT (BHU) Foundation’s pooled investment fund (or endowment). The Committee also defines the investment objectives and policies for the Foundation’s assets, subject to the general guidelines set forth in its investment policy. Along with selecting appropriate investments, the Committee has the responsibility to make changes in investment policy and to implement approved policy, guidelines, and objectives.

Faculty Committee

The Faculty Committee will serve as a liaison between the Foundation and the Institute to plan and execute activities that benefit current Faculties at IIT (BHU). The purpose of this committee is to brainstorm ideas for faculty and research development at the Institute with the aim of raising the profile of IIT (BHU) and its faculty in both Indian and global academia.


Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee advises the Foundation in developing a marketing and communications program targeted at alumni globally and among the public at large, with the overall purpose of enhancing the reputation and recognition of the Institute. The Committee plays a crucial role in collaborating with the Foundation board in fundraising and promoting its image and public standing.


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