अन्नदानं महादानं विद्यादानमतः परम् ।
अन्नेन क्षणिका तृप्तिः यावज्जीवञ्च विद्यया ॥

The gift of food is a great deed, but the gift of vidyā is paramount.
The satisfaction gained from food is momentary, but that from vidyā lasts a lifetime".

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IIT (BHU) houses one of the country's most thriving research and innovation ecosystems. In order to fulfill its academic mission, the Institute harbors plans to broaden its scope in academia. This focus will be on raising funds to bolster the institute’s research objectives and support faculty-centric initiatives.Intended to place IIT (BHU) among the forefront research institutions of the world, it will encompass a spectrum of efforts towards fulfilling primarily two objectives:               

a. Sponsoring cutting edge research;               
b. Attracting, recruiting and rewarding the best faculty on campus;

It is also to give room for research collaborations across different academic fields. The sponsorships and faculty support shall aid researchers to carry out research in fields of interest, thus, upholding the vision of the Institute.

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