IIT (BHU) Foundation Access Fund awards its first set scholarships to students at IIT (BHU)

IIT (BHU) Foundation’s Access Fund established through a generous gift from alumni, awarded its first set of scholarships to 21 students starting at IIT (BHU) in the current academic year (2021-2025).

‍The Foundation Scholarship – the very first scholarship under the IIT(BHU) Access Fund- is a means-based scholarship, seeded by Palo Alto Networks’ generous grant of $2.0 million, which includes a personal donation of $1.0 million from Mr. Nikesh Arora, a distinguished alum of 1989 Electrical and Electronics Engineering. He is currently the chief executive officer (CEO) and Chairman of Palo Alto Networks.

‍IIT (BHU)  Foundation with its initiatives such as this scholarship, is working to enable IIT (BHU) become a transformative force in technical education, and increase participation of women in engineering.

‍The 21 recipients make up 6.2% of the 340 applications that were submitted. Additionally women account for 33% of grantees. The need is significantly higher as evidenced by the fact that only 6% of applicants were able to receive awards as well as only 14% of all women applicants.

“This is a phenomenal group of students and it’s a privilege to support their journey,” said Arora, (EE ‘89). “The Institute continues to be a transformative force in society as it prepares the next generation of leaders. We hope that other IIT (BHU) alumni will join us and give back so that more deserving students can benefit.”

‍In making the announcement, IIT (BHU) Foundation Scholarship Committee Chair Mr. Kumar Jayant said, “Alumni contribution has made possible a direct impact by broadening access to education and preparing future technology leaders.” This first set of scholarships represent a 4-year commitment of almost INR 40 lacs from the IIT (BHU) Foundation.

‍Prof. Pramod Kumar Jain, Director, IIT (BHU), Varanasi congratulated the awardees of the Foundation Scholarship and wished them all success in their academic career. He also thanked Mr. Nikesh Arora (EE’89) and IIT (BHU) Foundation for making possible such opportunities. Dean of Resources and Alumni, Prof. Rajeev Srivastav and Dean of Academics Prof. S B Dwivedi of IIT (BHU) congratulated the students and said, “It is very moving to see former students and now alumni come forward to make a meaningful difference in the lives of current students. We hope this virtuous cycle prospers and intensifies in the years to come.”  They also wished the students the best in their academic careers.

Recipients of the scholarship expressed their gratitude. Bhav Khurana, an incoming student of Computer Science said “My father passed away in an accident a few years ago and my mother has worked very hard for my studies. The IIT (BHU) Foundation scholarship allows me to pursue my studies, while relieving my mother from financial hardship.”

‍Many of us know firsthand the transformative power of a world-class education. Mr. Nikesh Arora’s and the Palo Alto Network Foundation’s contributions have made a direct impact on broadening access to education and preparing future leaders in critical areas of technology. We hope that you will join your fellow alumni in supporting the Foundation Access Fund and strengthen the endowment for deserving students.

‍To read the Impact Report of this scholarship and to make a donation, please visit  

IIT (BHU) Foundation Access Fund awards its first set scholarships to students at IIT (BHU)

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